Sep 24, 2009

Do you fly Southwest? Are you on the A-List? Book Me Baby!

As many of you know, I have developed a tool that some have proclaimed improves your chances of getting a better seat on Southwest Airlines. I need your feedback to improve this tool. Whether you are flying to Baltimore to see you beloved Ravens, or maybe to Columbus to see the Jim Tressel led Ohio State Buckeyes, you will surely like to have a couple of extra bucks (no pun intended) left in your pocket to buy a hot dog and a soda. Southwest's prices are so good that your choice of an airline is an easy one when looking for a great value backed with top notch service.

If you have stumbled upon a trial version of Book Me, tell me what you think. Give it to me straight. I am looking for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am interested in what "YOU" have to say.





tpg said...

how do you pay to get a license?

Sam said...

Download version 2.0 from my latest post and you will be good to go.