Oct 10, 2009

There's a Bug - Splat! Its been Squashed!

If any of you downloaded the latest version of Book Me over the past couple of days, you may not have been able to log onto the software. My bad! There was a bug running in the background that may have kept your browser from validating the software. The bug has been eliminated. It should be smooth sailing, or should I say smooth flying now.

If you haven't tried Book Me, please do so by downloading it now. Just click on the big red "A" up in the left corner of your screen to start the download. If you were one of the unfortunate folks that tried, but couldn't log on, please try again. You shouldn't need to download the software again unless you uninstalled it. The issues were in my barn, not yours.

Thanks to all for giving Book Me a try! Now get busy and get your "A" on!



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