Jul 11, 2010

Four things that have changed my life and could also change yours...

  1. Getting Things Done (GTD)
  2. Absolutely the best system I have ever used to keep me organized and moving forward. This system provides structure to your life without hanging an anchor around your neck. It will allow you to free your mind of clutter, and ensure that you capture all of the stuff that drops into your world. David Allen's book "Getting Things Done" will get you started using this awesome process. There is also a great Outlook add-on to facilitate this process that has made a full in box virtually non existent in my world.

  3. Evernote - Software
  4. This piece of software is a relatively new on the scene in the world of productivity, but it is definitely a must have. As good as it is now, I can't even imagine how good it will be in the future. This company has its eyes on the ball and continues to add new features. Evernote is a bundle of software and services that allows you to collect, sort, tag, and annotate notes and other miscellaneous information. You can describe this software in two words, "Capture Everything". Send text, photos, videos, links, audio, screen shots, and on and on and on to this capture tool no matter where you are. You can type directly into this software, or tweet, email, and text to it if you so desire. In addition, you can access your stored information from virtually anywhere. It is synced with all of your devices and safely stored. The uses for this software are endless. Evernote offers a free version of this incredible productivity tool. Download it now from http://www.evernote.com and get started.

  5. First Things First
  6. Stephen Covey's book "First Things First" will help you put the important stuff into perspective. His graphic metaphor of concentrating on the "Big Rocks" is eye opening and will facilitate a major paradigm shift in your life. In the blink of an eye, life can pass you by and the scary thing is, most of us don't realize it is happening. Reading this book is will prove to be the perfect speed bump needed to slow you down long enough to "smell the roses".

  7. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Ideology
  8. Stephen Covey writes about 7 habits that if practiced will serve as a directional compass to live your life by. Starting with the habit of being proactive and ending with sharpening the saw, the practice of self renewal, this gem of a book is just what the doctor ordered. I found these habits to be common sense nuggets that tend to get steam rolled in our frantic quest to live life to the fullest.

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