Jan 1, 2011

More ways to use Evernote

With the closing of a decade and the ushering in of 2011, there is no better time than now to establish some personal goals for the coming year and the new decade. Take some time to reflect on your accomplishments over the past year and brainstorm what you want to achieve in the future. You can use Evernote to capture your random thoughts. This process can take place over several days. Evernote allows you to come back to your captured thoughts over and over again. You can tweak your ideas and formulate goals that you want to achieve in the future. Your goals can be both personal and professional. You can keep them simple, or you can make them as complex and detailed as you want. It is all up to you.

May I suggest that your finalized goals get added to a list that you keep in an Evernote folder. You can add check boxes to your list so that as you complete your goals, you can mark them off. We all like that feeling of euphoria that we get from that little check mark.

In order for me to keep track of everything that I am doing, I complete a weekly review every Friday. Part of my weekly review is to go through different lists that I have created in Evernote. I keep track of projects, next actions, things that I may want to do in the future, and personal and professional goals. All of these things are safely recorded in Evernote. As I look through my notes and lists each week, it allows me to reflect on my progress and creates a "subtle tension" within me to keep chipping away at my goals. The more that I am off track, the greater that tension. Anytime you establish a goal, keeping the goal in plain site allows you to see the gap between that goal and your current reality. That gap creates the tension required to keep you moving towards achieving that goal.

There is a lot to be said about writing your goals down. There is even more to be said about keeping those written goals in front of you for continual review. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you accomplish in the coming days, months, and even years. You will find that a routine weekly review will allow you to free your mind and life of all the clutter that accumulates. By getting things out of your head and into Evernote, you will feel more in control of your life. Evernote will set you free.

Happy New Year to all. May you be blessed with good health, good friends, and prosperity.


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An excellent idea for Evernote and our New Year Goals.

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