Sep 30, 2011

Free Bags! Free A's!

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for a way to enhance your odds of getting an 'A' seat assignment on a future Southwest flight.  We've all heard about how your bags fly free on Southwest, so why not get an 'A' for free on Southwest too.

While you are here downloading your free app, please check out the advertisements that are displayed in the sidebars of all of my pages.  Hopefully, they are items that you are interested in.  If they are, then follow their links.  This helps improve the visibility of my product while helping the advertisers that support my efforts.  Everybody wins!   

Click the tab above for "About Book Me 4.1.0" and you will learn all you need to know about this nifty little tool that will enhance your chances of getting an 'A'.  You can download it from the links on that page, or by clicking on "Get Your A" logo above.  While there are no guarantees that you will get an 'A', you will be right there at the front of the line when the magic hour comes for booking your flight...  Well, you won't be there, but Book Me will be.  Your feedback is appreciated.  Cheers my friends.

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