Oct 24, 2011

Reasons to fly on Southwest Airlines

I have to admit, I am a Southwest warrior. I fly Southwest every chance I get even though I could choose from many other airlines. Why am I loyal to Southwest? That's easy! They get it! First of all, they are not in your pocket every time they get a chance. You pay for your ticket and then if you have to change, they don't charge you a fee. Depending on the type of ticket you buy, you might not get your money back, but you can apply your fare to a future flight. My travel plans change from time to time, and because they allow me to make changes, I always look at Southwest first. Second on my list is that they don't stick it to you when you have bags to check. Makes sense to me. When you travel, what difference does it make if the bag you take with you ends up under the plane rather than up above your seat? I'm guessing not much. Why jack your customer around by advertising a good price only to smack them with a few more bucks to bring their bags along? A smart traveler won't stand for this type of shenanigans for very long. With Southwest, there are no sneak attacks. Finally, I fly Southwest because the make flying fun. They make jokes and they always find a way to make you smile. Its bad enough to have to spend your travel time jammed into a sardine can, yet alone have to spend it with a bunch of fuddy duddy's. If you fly Southwest, check your bags, but don't check your sense of humor. You'll need it. So what are you waiting on? Book your next trip on Southwest and Get Your A on!

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