Feb 12, 2012

The power of Android GPS - 8 ways to find where you are...

People keep finding more and more ways to use my nifty Android program called "Is Here".  This program will find your location using the GPS functionality of your phone without burning up all of your battery life.  Here are 8 ways to use this cool new app:
  1. Let your friends know where you're at
  2. Have your kids check in so you are sure where that they are where they say they are
  3. Capture the location of that new fishing hole that you stumbled on
  4. Never lose your car again when you park your car at the airport
  5. Keep track of cool places you go to by sending the location to your free Evernote account
  6. Send your location to a friend that is coming to visit so that they can get directions to your house from Google Maps
  7. Keep track of employees that are making service calls by having them check in from time to time
  8. Communicate the location of a new job site that's address isn't mapped yet
How may other ways have you found to use this app.  Leave your comments and share with others  If you don't have "Is Here" on your Android phone, you can scan or click on the QR code below. 


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