Dec 19, 2016

Not all beers are created equal... Or are they?

When you try that new beer at your local bar or that new restaurant where you're having dinner, do you really know what's in that can or bottle? If you say yes, you are way ahead of most of us. Is it an IPA, a Lager, or an Ale? How much alcohol does it have in it? I for one, need some help in this area. "I Drank What?" is the answer to my prayers, and maybe yours too. Simply type in the partial or full name of the beer you want to try, click on the Find It button, and you will be presented with a list of beers that meet your search criteria. If you like what you see, and decide to try this new beverage, there is an option to tell the world about your new conquest. It couldn't get much easier or better than that.

Oh wait! It can get better than that. "I Drank What?" also comes with a Tipping module so that when you're are done eating and drinking, you can easily calculate a fair tip for your amazing waiter or waitress. A simple tap of the appropriate button, and viola, your tip is calculated at the percentage you selected. Don't like the percentage you picked? No problem. Just choose another percentage and the new tip amount is automatically updated. Click on the "Tipsy Waiter" button, and your tip will be rounded up, click again and it will be rounded down, and click one more time and it will be returned to where you started. No muss, no fuss. You don't have to worry if you calculated correctly. You can even customize the label on the button that gives the biggest tip to what ever you want. For example, if you know the waitress that always gives you excellent service is named Mary, then you can change the label from the default of WOW, to "MARY". How cool is that. You can also change it to the battle cry of your favorite sports team. I am a die hard Ohio State Buckeye fan, so I customized mine to say "Go Buckeyes!".

This app is free and is only available for Android at this time. Check it out in the Google Play Store. I think you'll be glad you did. Don't forget to read your fortune when you're done tipping!

Cheers to good beer!


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