Jan 27, 2011

Code Junkies for the love of Evernote - Remember the Code!

For those of you that are developer wannabes like me, Evernote is definitely for you. I have spent hours doing Google searches looking for code to help me do different tasks in programs that I have written. After awhile, one can get pretty savvy at finding snippets of code in the almost endless sea of resources on the Internet. My problem has always been finding those nuggets again later. Evernote has given me away to grab that code and save it for future use. Sometimes I will use the Evernote Clipper add-on for Firefox to grab the whole screen and capture it to Evernote. The clipper allows me to send the selection of code or even the the whole web page to the folder of my choice. I can also add tags to facilitate finding it in a search later. There is also Clipper add-on for Internet Explorer, although I seldom use IE. You can use can also just copy and paste the code you find into a new note. Then you can add any comments to add context to what you have captured. Sometimes when I am playing with code, I use a note in Evernote to paste and hold different attempts to make something work. I'll try something, copy and paste it, then use edit that code within the program without fear of loosing something that worked. This is just one more way to use Evernote. What's in your notebook? If you aren't using Evernote yet, get it here now.

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