Jan 28, 2011

Evernote Premium is a great Gig for only 87¢ per day!

The choice is yours to use a good product or use a great one. If you aren't currently using the premium version of Evernote, then you are missing out on some of the best perks this software has to offer. Let me give you 9 indisputable value adds that going premium will get you in just a few clicks of your mouse. Drum roll please...
  • No ads in the desktop and web versions
  • One business day response for your support requests
  • Priority treatment by Evernote's image recognition technology
  • Better security through SSL encryption
  • Go from 60MB to 1Gig of uploads per month
  • Allow sharing that includes reading and editing
  • Double the maximum document size to 50MB
  • Get premium support
  • Take off the handcuffs and upload any file type
There you have it. Only 87¢ per week and you can have the whole enchilada. Try it then buy it. cea_ser>

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