Mar 27, 2011

Evernote Encryption with AxCrypt

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am a huge fan of Evernote. Capture everything from anyplace using a multitude of tools. Access your captured stuff from anywhere. The one thing I always think about when it comes to cloud storage is security. While I feel comfortable that Evernote does a great job in securing my data, there are some things that I want to ramp up the protection to the next level. Evernote allows for encryption of selected text in your notes, but it doesn't have a way to encrypt the entire contents of a folder or even a whole note. There have been many requests to Evernote to add this functionality to their software, but to date they have not made the enhancement. Until Evernote beefs up their encryption capabilities, I have found a way to bridge some of the gap. There is a free open source file encryption software for Windows called AxCrypt. Once you install the software, your can right click on any file you want to encrypt and select AxCrypt which has a couple of options to select from for encryption. Once you are done, you can send the file to Evernote, and it is completely secure. When you attempt to access the encrypted file from Evernote, you will be prompted for your passphrase. Enter it and viola! One example of a file that I use AxCrypt to protect is the PDF that has my tax return information in it. That is something that I do not want to leave to chance. With AxCrypt, I feel confident that my data is secure. I hope AxCrypt will give you more piece of mind when dropping your sensitive data into Evernote.

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