Feb 19, 2012

Android GPS and Evernote

If you use Evernote, you know how powerful it is in capturing everything. Now you can add one more thing to its repertoire. If you use the Android app, "Is Here", you can send locations to your Evernote account for future reference. Simply enter your Evernote email address as the shared preference for your Bcc email address in the "Is Here" app, and that location will automatically go to your Evernote account for safe keeping anytime you do a send. If you set up a new folder called "GPS" in Evernote, your emails will automatically be dropped into that folder. No muss, no fuss. When you go to your "GPS" folder, you can click on the locations you have stored by description. Inside of the note, you will find a link to Google Maps that will bring up the stored location in a map. You can then select "get directions" from the Google application and by right clicking on the location you want to get directions to, the software will give you directions back to your saved location. So what are you waiting on? Get "Is Here" by clicking or scanning the QR code below.


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