May 29, 2012

Is Here - GPS Location Capture - Post to Evernote

Starting today, Is Here has the option of posting your location status to a public Evernote folder. This is a cool way to see where all of the Is Here users are and what they are doing. If you are a current Is Here user, upgrade today. If you aren't already using Is Here, what are you waiting for? Is Here is a simple tool that allows you to capture and communicate your current location to anyone at anytime. You can even communicate to yourself for future reference. Users have found many ways to benefit from this nifty tool. Some are using it to capture where they parked their car. Others use it to note new restaurants that they find as well as the meal they ate when they were there. Some track what they spend and where they spend it. If you are on a trip and want to remember places that you stopped along the way, Is Here is for you.

So there you are. Lots of compelling reasons for you to try Is Here. Is Here is for Android and is free. Click the Is Here logo to download now.

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